• The “wedge transom” system that uses only two wedges to produce a rigid unit that speeds scaffold erection significantly resulting in large savings on labour costs.
  • The transoms are designed to be used in conjunction with scaffold tube standards and ledgers to form a quickly erected, 5 board wide “system” access scaffold.
  • Intermediate transoms (board bearer) also available to support the scaffold boards used for decking.

Methods and Benefits of Use

  • Located and fixed in a few seconds, easy to use, no loose components.
  • It is a transom with a two board integral telescopic extension especially useful on contracts requiring cladding or second fixes.
  • Can be used as a board bearer only i.e. tube and extension without ledger fixings.
  • Extension and retraction of telescopic arm and boards is both rapid and safe. All operations carried out from safety of existing platform deck.
  • Significant time and labour saving compared with hop up brackets.
  • Adds rigidity to scaffold, bracing is reduced facilitating clear walkway access. Strong and robust construction.
  • Scaffold spanner only required for extension adjustment, and locking.
  • Can be specified to suit system scaffolds as well as tube and fitting applications with a choice of platform widths.
  • 5 board plus 2 (extension) is standard 


Technical Information

  • Platform loading complies with load Class 6, this applies to main platform and cantilever section (reference EN 12811-1 Table 3)
  • Ledger bracing is not required at working level providing system is in accordance with TG20:05 Section 10.2
  • Adequacy of any tie system is the responsibility of the contractor.
  • It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure adequacy of ledgers to transfer loads from the Lynx Transom to the standards.
  • It may be necessary to apply extra bracing due to adverse conditions, as in any scaffolding system.
  • Facade bracing is required as normal.
  • The product and its use refer to TG20:05 EN12810-1 and EN12811-1, to which all scaffolding usage should comply.

Please refer to user guidance notes sheet prior to using the product.


Three board extension transom is Load Class 1 (Ref EN12811-1 T 3) Load Class 6 applies to 1/2 board extension only