Self-Closing Handrail Coupler

Self-Closing Handrail Coupler

A self-closing barrier facility for use at any entry or exit point

Product Code: 1834

Introducing Presco’s high quality self-closing handrail coupler.

Ladder Accidents are the cause of more injuries and fatalities than any other hazard in the scaffolding and building industries. This includes the simple operation of moving from the ladder onto the safe scaffolding area. Falls of this nature can now be considerably reduced, if not totally eradicated, with this innovative and simple coupler.


  1. The Presco Self-Closing Handrail Coupler is easily fitted onto any scaffolding with a standard double coupler. Handrail tube is inserted into the handrail coupler and locked by a single bolt. The safety gate forms an integral part of the handrail providing vital security for operatives moving from ladder to scaffolding.
  2. The operative moves from the ladder.
  3. By simple body pressure, the handrail coupler yields, moving inwards and upwards.
  4. The handrail coupler continues to swing open as the operative walks onto the scaffolding.
  5. Once the operative has moved through the gate, gravity will return it to it’s original position, integrated into the handrail.

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