Forged Board Retaining Coupler

Forged Board Retaining Coupler

Securely fixes scaffold boards, 38mm in thickness, protecting against uplift and other forces.

The board retaining clamp utilises a ‘bite’ design to provide it with effective grip.

The Presco™ range of board retaining fittings has been designed to improve safety and efficiency on scaffolding.

Toe boards and platform boards can be locked in correct and secure positions without the improvised, incorrect and often unsafe use of putlog couplers.


The range of Presco drop forged couplers is the result of meticulous research into distortion points and areas of strain under stress, resistance to distortion, enhanced durability and the long term economy users expect from Presco.


BSI Standard


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Size (mm)

48.3mm x 48.3mm

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Presco Forged Board Retaining Coupler

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