Genuine Presco

This is an information page from Presco Components™ (Brisko Metal Resources), designer and manufacturer of the award winning range of Presco™ branded scaffold fittings and accessories.

We are aware that an ex-agent of Presco, based in Singapore is manufacturing and distributing unauthorized copies of our products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other markets.

Presco Scaffolding & Services Pte Ltd of Singapore is NOT an authorized distributor of Presco™ branded products

If you are currently buying or are planning to buy scaffold fittings from them, please be aware of the following:

  • Their scaffold fittings are inferior copies of our registered & award-winning designs.
  • They are an ex-agent of Presco UK but their agency agreement ended in 2007.
  • They have no access to Presco designs, tooling or manufacturing facilities.
  • They do not have the EN74-1 certification of our products nor access to our UKAS accredited test facility.

If you wish to obtain genuine Presco scaffolding products, please contact Presco UK direct or our authorised and fully supported agents in the region

Visible & Measurable Quality

Our quality can be seen when comparing the genuine Presco fittings. Copies are lighter, poorly plated and lack our security markings. Each delivery of Presco scaffold fittings comes with full test certificates for that batch of product.

Only Presco branded fittings sourced from Presco UK direct or via our agent and distributor network can supply genuine certification from our UKAS accredited test facility.

Presco Scaffolding & Services and its associated companies are NOT part of this network and do not have any access to our product knowledge or support facilities.

Only trust the genuine article!

Presco™ UK & Our Agents

Presco Components™ – Brisko Metal Resources Winston Steel – Presco Components™ KHK Scaffolding & Formwork LLC
Presco Components™ 
Head Office UK

Brisko Metal Resources – Presco Components™
Kingsmill Business Park
Unit 16, Chapel Mill Lane
Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 3GZ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 208 974 6923


Winston Steel – Presco Components™
1947 Union Cross Rd, Winston-Salem
North Carolina, NC 27107
United States of America

Tel: +336 788 6151
Fax: +336 788 0841


KHK Scaffolding & Formwork LLC
Presco Components™
P.O. Box 2701

Tel: +971 (6) 743 9013
Fax: +971 (6) 743 9017