Heavy-Duty Scaffold Fittings – Produced by Presco

Heavy-Duty Scaffold Fittings – Produced by Presco

Presco produced scaffold fittings are an industry choice within scaffolding and construction sectors. Our commitment to quality has always been unrivaled in the market place.

As leading and highly respected manufacturer of high quality, heavy-duty scaffold fittings within the UK and overseas. The Presco product range has always been unrivaled and continues to provide outstanding value for money.

‘Our commitment to product quality and stringent testing and traceability has established Presco as an industry choice for scaffold fittings, nationally and internationally’.


Presco Testing and Traceability

Presco never value-engineer our products at the expense of standards compliance and material and structural integrity.

Take a look at the checklist below and see how we compare to others…

1. Compliance with all relevant standards including EN74-1 and AS1576.2
2. No load-bearing fittings downgraded to EN74 or BS1139 standards
3. Full certification supplied and/or available including full schedule of EN74-1 compliance test data
4. In-house testing facilities in our UKAS accredited metro-logy center
5. Added strength built into the products
6. More material added where it is needed to increase rigidity and build in a higher factor of safety
7. Full batch trace-ability with batch-specific test data and certificates
8. Swivel couplers, pressed steel and drop forged conform to EN74-1 Grade B, the highest grade
9. Scaffold tube is 4mm thick, not value engineered down to as low as 3.6mm



‘Testing and traceability are of utmost importance and at the core of every fitting we manufacture and supply’.


Safety, Quality & The Presco Guarantee

UK and EU safety and quality standards that each Presco fitting is manufactured in accordance with includes;

• EN74-1 2005
• BS1139-2 (non load bearing)
• AS1576.2 2009
• ISO9001 2008

All Presco fittings we produce and supply also include;

• Full Guarantee
• Full Certification
• Back-up

When Quality Counts, You Can Count on Presco!


Pressed Steel Fittings

Presco Pressed Steel Fittings are engineered with longer bodies and manufactured using thick steel plate. Featuring heavy-duty, robust hinges and design, providing the highest level of durability and longest possible life-span.


Pressed steel swivel coupler

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Drop Forged Fittings

Presco Drop Forged Fittings are manufactured with solid body construction, engineered with a robust heavy-duty hinge designed direct strength exactly where it’s needed. Presco Forged Fittings provide ultimate resistance to distortion which results in a much longer-life span.


Drop forged swivel coupler

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Safety Products, Fittings and Tools

Presco produces and supplies a range of scaffolding specific safety products and fittings. These range from Scaffold Spanners with Lanyards and Ratchet Spanners to the Safe Scaffold Bolt, Landing Disks, Universal Clamps and Couplers.

Quality standards all Presco tools, safety products and fittings are manufactured in accordance to include;

• EN74-1 2005
• BS1139-2
• ISO9001 2008


Ratchet Spanner Safe Bolt Fitting
Toe Board Clamp

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Ancillary Items

Presco also produce a range of ancillaries, which are manufactured to the same stringent high standards as all Presco products. Presco ancillary products range from; Forged Tie-In Fittings and Base Plates to Forged Parallel Couplers and Circular Board Retaining Clamps.


Forged Tie-In Cooupler 50.8x50.8

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Available Finishes and Covers

Scaffold fittings we produce are available in a range of finishes including; Zinc Coated (with passivation), Powder Coated and Self-Colour.

Named covers and company branding is also available on large and bulk orders.


Get a Quote / More Information

If you’d like more details or to receive a manufacturer-direct quote for Presco fittings and products. Get in touch via our website, contact us on – 0208 974 6923, or email us at – info@brisko.co.uk.