Presco Components™ commitment to quality has always been unrivalled in the marketplace. We never value-engineer our products at the expense of standards compliance and material and structural integrity. Take a look at the checklist below and then see how our competitors compare:

  1.  Compliance with all relevant standards including EN74-1 and AS1576.2
  2.  Full certification supplied and/or available including full schedule of EN74-1 compliance test data.
  3.  Added strength built into the products. More material added where it is needed to increase rigidity and build in a higher factor of safety.
  4.  Full batch traceability with batch specific test data and certificates.
  5.  Scaffold tube is available as 4mm thick and 3.2mm high yield. Batch specific test data and specification test certificates available.
  6. Prefabricated steel transoms meet TG20 requirements.


If you need reliable, dependable and trustworthy scaffold fittings, tube, boards and ancillary equipment, with full guarantee, backup and certification, then choose Presco.

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