Like any respected brand, Presco has occasional problems with companies attempting to supply counterfeit Presco fittings and equipment to both end-users and resellers. It has come to our attention that there have been several instances in the Middle East in recent weeks to pass-off imported scaffold fittings as genuine Presco equipment. There are two rules of thumb which are of use to end-users presented with this equipment. Firstly, we are proud of our brand so our fittings have our name on them. One instance recently has involved unmarked fittings being passed off as being “unmarked Presco”. These were fakes. Secondly, we have a trusted network of agents who we supply our products through. One such agent in the Middle East is Tradex, who’s details you can find on our contacts page.

If your are in any doubt about the genuine nature of Presco equipment you are offered, contact our agent or Presco directly and the source of the equipment can be verified.

Note: Presco Scaffolding & Services Pte in Singapore is no longer affiliated in any way with Presco and any equipment they supply is NOT genuine presco. It is not sourced from our factories and is not tested to our specification.

Buy with confidence. Buy genuine Presco.