Board Retaining Clamp

Board Retaining Clamp

Product Code: 1809

  • 0.66Kg
  • BS1139.2
  • Effective grip with “bite” design

Introducing Presco’s high quality range of board clamps.

The Presco range of board retaining fittings has been designed to improve safety and efficiency on the scaffolding. Each has a specific use which means that toe boards and platform boards can be locked in correct and secure positions without the improvised., incorrect and often unsafe use of basic scaffold couplers.

Available finishes:

  • Zinc coated with yellow passivation

Quality Standards (Where Applicable):

  • EN74 Class B
  • BS1139 Part 2
  • ISO9002/BS5750



Board Retaining Clamp

Boards are quickly and securely locked in the correct position. With considerable resistance to both lateral and upward movement their use is recommended in windy conditions.


Toe Board Clamp

Ideal for fast and economical retention of toe boards. The hook simply locates onto the standard and, when tightened, the plate grips the tube and exerts pressure onto the board, resisting lateral and upwards movement.


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Board Retaining Clamp

This guard board clamp has been designed for the specific purpose of correctly securing guard boards safely, quickly and economically.
With the Presco guard board clamp, scaffold stop-ends and scaffold guard board returns are neatly and efficiently locked into the correct positions making a more secure scaffolding. These one-piece fittings have the standard easy-fix Presco cover.

1 Top Plate of 5mm mild steel locates on the top edge of the board, maintaining a secure position against the tube and a firm location to the adjacent return.

2 The returning board fits snugly into this channel. It is held securely at 90º to the adjacent board and is retained in the correct position.

3 The Presco cover ensures fast and easy fixing with simultaneous security of both boards.

4 The board is trapped between the standard and the returning board making a secure platform.